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Hi, I am Minister Curtis Roach from Shiloh Revival Tabernacle, London, England. It is a fact that there are many outreach ministries that are helping and assisting the less fortunate from around the world. However, due to human limitations, they all cannot reach everyone everywhere. This is why GOD has called others, such as myself to also reach out to those people that are not being reached.
We started this ministry in 2014 and are currently supporting ministries in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Philippines as these ministries evangelise to the lost, the poor and needy in their regions with the word of God and also their physical needs such as food and clothing.
I am being contacted by many other ministries and individuals from these regions asking for assistance but with regret cannot assist due to limited resources. I am therefore asking you to open your hearts and help us to help those that are in need. There are genuine needs to be met in these areas and the Lord will continue to grant us the discernment to discern the genuine from those that are not.
Our Goal
Our goal is to reach as many as we possibly can and provide them not only with their spiritual needs but also their physical needs. This means that we want them to have food to eat everyday, clean clothes to wear and for the homeless, a roof over their heads. This is possible if we come together and put our resources together. WE HAVE SET A GOAL TO RAISE A MONTLY TOTAL OF US$5,000.00. This will help us to not only once, but continuously meet the physical needs of those that are in need. And most importantly, through the show of the love of God in giving, we will be able to introduce JESUS CHRIST to them. Our past efforts have proven this to be true as souls are already been won for the Kingdom of GOD.
We also have a vision to start an orphanage in Pakistan as there are many very young children there that are homeless and are living on the streets. It breaks our hearts to see this and have no power to do anything about it. But with your help, together we can step in and make a difference and bring hope to the hopeless. In addition to this, with good response, we plan to start a program whereby you will be able to sponcer a child or more of your own on a monthly basis. If you would like to participate in this, please contact us for further information.
Every little counts towards US$5,000 a month
Additional Information
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